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Elton D. Souza

"Born from a boombox in a painting attached to the bottom of a grand piano whilst a god was playing."

Science and Art all the way.

My main online channels:… (Personal Facebook)…

I will hopefully graduate in Mechatronics Engineering by the end of 2016.
Other than that, I am OPEN for work. Contact me via email-
I will do graphite pencil on A4 paper artworks/illustrations, digital paintings, concept art,
...Possibly anything.
I had some awesome story ideas today, just a few hours ago from writing this... and so I started this.
This will be Studio Ghibli level more or less, believe it.

First thing to do is create a solid story which may include script components.This story needs to be mastered. I record this in Notepad
 Other things to do is get visuals. Concept Art!  and Music Tracks to establish themes and atmospheres, (ideally I try to mentally visualize the scenes and in turn the whole film)
though music tracks can be done anywhere later on.

Second thing to do is start scripting and creating basic video slides/story boards to create timing, camera angles, establishing important things to ensure we don't stuff up big time on the final making. Scene art can also be started here.

Third thing to do is create some of the short scenes and try perfect them as much as possible, to see potential quality, understand efficient techniques, etc!

That's pretty much it.

Running time: This is for a short film maybe 3 minutes, maybe 5, maybe 10 or longer in length... It is dependent on our story! 

A requirement to join the fun:
*Visual art ability: take a look at my art gallery here on DeviantART. Study my level. It would be preferred if you are around my level or greater. (The skill of creating a composition is important, as this whole anime film is treated as one whole composition). The skill of good judgment aswell.
*Scene art: trees, plants, flowers, clouds, mountains, grass, etc.
*Musical talent: able to compose and produce great quality. 
*If my story (see below) clicks with you and generates the most beautiful ideas in your head and you would love to share. The ability to create and contribute to the story itself is massive for me.
*Poetic ability and excellent writing skills. 
*Great animation skill: simple yet perfect main/key Animation/Image sequences, or small animations such as birds flying or leaves blowing in the wind. Filler animation frames, improving key frames, make the animation longer with more content. Slow-motion animation scenes which requires a lot of frames only changing a little bit by little bit. 
Special effects: Better than the average AMV person, particle and magic effects, 3D skills. 
*Sound effects: Need to ensure your sound samples are all copyright free. You either create/record them yourself (This is fun) or find free ones.

Things I can do: I believe I can pretty much do everything. The story might be a lot of my contribution, but with more people working on it we can pull it together and make it stronger. Overall, I'd rather not do it alone. 

How we communicate?
We will have a skype group and maybe a private facebook group.  Please NOTE me your details if interested.
I am located in Perth, Australia (it is an extremely small preference if you are locally available). 

What is the story about?
I would like to conclude with what I have written in my Notepad so far. (as of 3/06/2014) (edit 3.1-)
"Title- "Air or Water"

Technical: 4K Resolution: 5120 x 2160
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval times. Magic and brilliant inventors. 'Howl's Moving Castle' feel. Grass and Forest lands. Many mountains and hills. 

More about the protagonist: Lived with the curse since he was 4 years of age. Age 5 was when the witch helped him.
Is now 22 years old. He wears clothes that are dark and gloomy, yet unique in its own way.

He is on a journey.

A young man, whom whatever they touch with their bare body dies.
He has enchanted shoes that are immune to the curse. (golden, black, red & blue shoes)
The shoes stop the curse from attacking the floor, rotting it.
Enchanted by a witch, long ago. That was the only thing she could do to help him.
He also has a sword with a red-rose coloured blade which seems
to give life and brighten all that is around.

One day, in a forest,  his sword was bringing life to the environment. The sword looked as if 
it was going to bloom like a big flower, as it sparkled and enriched the natural surroundings.
There happened to be a girl watching close by.
She was impressed and got overly excited and wanted to meet the young man. Her mind was all on him.
she wanted to hold him tight; hold his bare hands.
The young man saw her approaching and was almost too late to warn her.
He tried telling her to stay away but words did not go through.
With the sword in his hand he managed to throw it down and rip of one of his short-life-time gloves
and throwing his palm into a nearby tree. Suddenly the happy mood died as the condition of the tree started 
to darken, and branches and leaves fell gently onto the 'connected by roots' dry soil that gave the
appearance of ashes with a hint of rough charcoal, and dust filled the air. The girl's mood died along with.
She coughed. She raised her arms as something to hide behind as she peaked through, only to gaze at the eyes of death.
{They become good friends}

[Concept] Has a special golden coin with 'air or water'(similar to heads or tails system)
which is secretly enchanted to always land on Air if flipped in air, and land on
Water if flipped in water. Though it is never confirmed if this is an enchantment to the viewers.
It is only heavily suggested it is enchanted.

A parallel story:
The good witch fights a bad witch who was the one that put the curse on the boy in the first place.
The good witch ends up loosing the epic battle and the enchantments
on the boy's items disappear and crumble. Now we see the story in a new way as every step
brings death to the floor beneath his very feet.

Concept Art:…
Concept Art Group 1. Air or Water by Smashbrudda

Thanks for hearing me out. 

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